by Stuporhero

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released July 1, 2008

Weightless was written and performed by Stuporhero. Recorded September '07 by Chad Yenney at Earth to Emma Studios and by Will Troy at Basement Tape Studios. Mixed by Chad Yenney. Mastered by JJ Golden. Artwork & design by Vladimir Verano.


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Stuporhero Seattle, Washington

"...songs are loaded with sugar and hooks and they’re kind of undeniable..." - Razorcake

"...cool and good for trampoline bouncing and hip shaking."
- Jackson (fan/preschooler)

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Track Name: Deception Pass/Weightless
I stepped into wide open space
and felt the rush of weightlessness
surrounding me just for one moment's breath
that's all I needed to realize what I'd miss
Track Name: There Goes The Rainbow, Baby
all roads lead me away from your house
your huffin' and puffin' made it all fall down

think your way outside of that box
there goes the rainbow baby
think you can fascinate me today
the line forms here
if I'm ok and you're ok how come it's not ok
if I'm ok and you're ok

runnin' out of second chances
I woke up on the right side of the dirt
Track Name: Welcome Wagon
I've become an optimist by necessity
I start out every day wanting to like people
thoughts come in and out of my head like breakfast
I've spent my whole life searching
I want to be found now
I want to be found right here
Track Name: Cyclops
I will not apologize
oh it's getting late and I need to go to sleep
I will never ever apologize

I will not look back anymore
motionless trembling solitary not anymore
I will never ever look back anymore

I will not be the same
in that lonely space that's just before I wake
I will never ever be the same
hopeless not like before
Track Name: What Do You Wanna Be
I wanna be an astronaut
I wanna fly into space
I could look down from the sky
everyone would look up to me

I wanna be a lion tamer
look the beast right in the eye
parade all around with our heads held high
no one would dare get near

I wanna be a daredevil
I wanna jump deep ravenes
everyone tense for fear of a failure
then the crowd erupts with cheers

I wanna be an artist
and pour my heart onto the page
color kaleidoscope dreams
I wanna paint the scene

what do you wanna be
when you pick yourself up and begin a new day
what do you wanna be
Track Name: Cloudshine
there is no other way to start dear
the thoughts in my head last forever
I wish my heart was made of stone
the longest short week of all time
Track Name: Light At The End Of The Night
where does the life go
as you sit
dimming away the world
the lives we live
are driving us crazy
as we step
soundlessly into the dark
Track Name: Colliding
I'm not ok and I'm trying to wish it all away
I'm just trying to take it day by day
but somehow I keep ending up back here

I've got a new idea you can't see it but it's in my hand
I don't wanna let it get away
but that voice keeps telling me I need to prepare

I keep losing time
wake up I don't recognize myself
there's no reason for this
I just need to slow it down somehow

the confessionals spilling around the wound
best to sever all ties
and keep those dark thoughts to yourself

bloodletting poisoning the well liars lining up to tell
stories of the violent rise
I need to run just to survive

all worlds colliding