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by Stuporhero

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Autocop 00:52
as the sun comes down champagne everybody's going downtown it's doo-dah time send out pretenders as they make 'em walk sun up to sun down, oh yeah every son dies solo sha-la-la-la-la-la-la hey hey hey hey you're alright alright by me as the sun comes down there ain't no shunnin' do what you do hey hey man the sinner is through the center is you
(This song's about blue sparkle helmet) First you're running out then you're caving in Sweet lies you tell yourself before you begin On the way down Kill the messenger (He's the one that got you into this mess, now put on the blue sparkle helmet) Move these words around try to make some sense Don't know which direction you're going, you're going On the way down Kill the messenger Blue sparkle helmet
Trade it all, they've had it up To here with rivals, new arrivals Want a day in the sun Gravy robbers adding up Cheating power's all that matters Science shattered Just to say they won They'd draw curtains round the sun Just to say they w - - o - - n Radio waves Are all rerouted Nouveau rewinder Threw money all around it You don't gotta tell me I made my bloody mess Anyway we share it all Payday's just a winter away It's not a set up If we all choke it down gather round set fire to the town tonight
I rolled out of bed today and the first thing that I thought to say was holy fuck this is just my luck I walked across the chilly floor tripped over what was there before and there's the cat what's he looking at It's not easy standing up I peeked out of my window blind just to see what I could find and oh what fun there's the sun oh that great big shiny ball is trying to take over fall I guess I'll go outside even though I'd rather hide It's not easy standing up It really isn't
Hot Dog 02:00
Hot dog small coke With the family and the trench coat Went out of my mind with the razor wire Jackson Pollock in the middle of the living room floor I just wanna be (let your nachos go) Can't you let me be (let your nachos go) Hot dog little fingers In the front lawn and in the sprinklers Breathed in a bug bomb and the ritalin All the voices and the spiders crawlin on my skin
Necktie 01:30
come around with your creepy frown all stooped down want none of it the difference between you and me look here man it's a ton of it it's pretty hard with invisible guard up i guess it's like camouflage see with you i got a wooden shoe for your works a little sabotage it's morning and the sun is up rays burn through the maze define the haze cooped up queen, as you come clean try to make fun of it an open mind? well the pilot's blind it's a curse i don't covet squirming now, you run amok trade blows just to show you don't really give a fuck see i fall for the leaves that turn over but over and over again is so played out i’m wanting out cuz the minute i’m in it i see the futility warning: if you run your mouth flies draw down to shit but victims don't know better
Noise 02:27
She blew up bangs her head now she's gotta start again Looking for a truth in so many lies is it something she can recognize Time is not a friend when you turn away... When you realize will it be too late can you make it through the night alone All noise now He came down crashed and burned trying to fix a broken wing Looking for a truth in so many lies is it something he can recognize Time is not a friend when you turn away... When you realize will it be too late can you make it through the night alone All noise now
Stream of rejection My noise and thought collection A faceless flickering exodus It's something I won't miss Breathing fast motion My gut is an explosion Voice is trembling in the mic B-b-but I don't wanna go No, then why Another rock-n-roll haircut suicide With you, I know Typewriter fire lighter Poetry death match word slicer Mind machine will suck you dry Data seeping from your eye Memories in analog The radio signal pulses on Fire up the word machine gun I-I-I-I don't wanna go Got a rock-n-roll cut Rock-n-roll haircut suicide
Rat Race 02:22
Smile smile to a camera Talk talk to a microphone Point point at a touch screen Look look you’re sinking Did you find it did you find it in a magazine Mixed up mirror world head floating in a dream Still awake manic feeling in the midnight hour Motion sickness taking you over Fast fast gotta keep up Move move through the rat maze Take take what you can get Reach reach for anything
RKill 02:14
I don't care what you think about my beard and I don't care what you think about my head don't care what you think about my eyebrows don't give a shit about anything you wanna talk about oh, but you're accountable I don't know what your “accountable” is I wanna delete your face I wanna move you from the world into some place where you won't be a noise where I won't be annoyed I’m denied my vital air I don't care if you lost your apartment I don't care if you didn't get your business started I don't give a shit about your goddamn cat the only thing I want... I don't even want you being around where I’m at won’t you please step back I don't care what you think about my day don't care what you think about them other creeps don't care what you think about me don't give a fucking shit about your golden idea for a book about anything I don't care about you
You keep talking without speaking Headphones humming the bus is leaving now You keep dreaming images streaming Numbers calculating behind Anything that will bring you in line Lights are shining mesmerizing Phantoms waiting for possession Thoughts are moving bits are fading Push the button for the meaning now You keep talking… (Keep you in line)
Scarab 01:52
I set the blaze, nobody knows but me burning it bright is sounding alright it's gotta be money-made money, brick-made pyramid money, money, money myth made outta men it's dirty money you know there's no better way-uh! welp, it's dirty money bury me with my beetle now money maker I made the big pile and like a religion good intentions only pave the way to me dirty money, it's only money I make a little bed out of it dunno, but I’m churning it out you or me? i got a burning bet on me I know there's a a better way but it takes too long now now now now now… money! money! dummy! you'll never get it outta me! money! money! money! took it all day, every day! you'll. never. make. it. be. you had everything had it all but it burned burned burned with me
This is not the last time You'll dismember me Break me down into pieces Charged up bionic Recorded memories Rusted forgotten dreams Swiftly taking me over All charged up bionic Charged up bionic Break me whispers the bottle Black spots on the TV My head is full of static I'm Charged up bionic I don't recognize Don't kill the messenger I'll plan my next escape I'm running out of patience I'm Charged up bionic I don't recognize
Wall Art 01:29
oh, good you’re right oh cool, your venue going real steady now steady now ride out the breakout opinion’s a sacred trip at night Gauguin, you drive me around red light, I seen a man in Chinatown say...my kind of day, yeah they say I ain’t right maybe your kind of night go down, look at your right hand ready usurper it’s better now it’s better anyway


Stuporhero is:
Jen: Bass, Vocals
Hollerin' Jim: Guitar, Stylophone, Vocals
Shambles: Drums, Vocals
Will: Guitar, Vocals

All songs written & recorded by Stuporhero at Basement Tape Studios summer/fall of 2016 in Seattle, WA.

Mixed by Chad Yenney.
Mastered by Carl Saff.
Album cover art by Chad Yenney.



released December 16, 2017


all rights reserved



Stuporhero Seattle, Washington

"...songs are loaded with sugar and hooks and they’re kind of undeniable..." - Razorcake

"...cool and good for trampoline bouncing and hip shaking."
- Jackson (fan/preschooler)

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