The Casio Project

by Stuporhero

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It all started with a plan to spend a year in the studio…and then a $10 garage sale Casio keyboard came along. We plugged in the Casiotone 310 one day during a break in the action, flipped the on switch, and could not resist the smooth groove. The tunes were never meant to escape the basement. They were supposed to be an inside joke of a way to blow off steam and relieve the pressure of recording, but one beat led to another and The Casio Project was born. 12 songs. All Casio, all the time.


"Fizzy Yum Yum" featured in the Showtime show Weeds! (S7-E4)



released December 1, 2009

The Casio Project was written and performed by Stuporhero. Recorded at Earth to Emma Studios summer of 2008 through summer of 2009 by Chad Yenney & Will Troy. Mixed & mastered by Chad Yenney. Cover photos by Chad Yenney.


all rights reserved



Stuporhero Seattle, Washington

"...songs are loaded with sugar and hooks and they’re kind of undeniable..." - Razorcake

" and good for trampoline bouncing and hip shaking."
- Jackson (fan/preschooler)

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Track Name: Snowplow
when Thelma dreamed big
she wanted to be
a video star on MTV

you can’t win if you don’t play
so she’s making some plans
gonna do it today

Thelma wants to be a video star

she had lots of friends they didn’t
want her to go
but the pull it was too strong
she couldn’t say no

you see
love is a battlefield of sorts
and Thelma she loved the nightlife
she loved to boogie
and in between days
she dreamt of a mad world
safety dancing her way around
the darklands
how soon is now
because she just can’t get enough

Track Name: Parachute Man
uh-oh parachute man
you’re coming in fast
but time’s moving slow

I think we could be friends
let’s stop and pretend
this isn’t the end

I am kind of afraid
please tell me a secret
I promise to keep it

I can’t hear what you said
you’re too far away
I want you to stay

now I’m turning away because
that’s how I’ll try not to say goodbye

uh-oh parachute man
you’re coming in fast
but time’s moving slow
Track Name: Moon Rover
wake up moon rover
I’m on the dark side of the moon

winter’s been long I’m not sure of the end
things didn’t turn out just how I had planned

wake up mission control
I’ve been stranded so far on my own
Track Name: Melting Plastic People
reflections in a mirror world
asleep at the wheel running overtime
can’t stop moving but you’re standing still
time for another refreshment transfusion

melting plastic people

injections for a material girl
new style army mind control
encased in plastic on display
clock keeps ticking take it all away

melting plastic people
Track Name: Positive Funk Genetics
throw on the lab coat and look into the microscope
see if the gene has carried on the stereophonic groove-a-thon
under wraps the secret’s out but funk genetics leave no doubt
get out on the floor and move your ass (yeah it’s time for a little)

positive funk genetics

p is for positive you gotta prove
f is for funk and the freak out groove
g for genetics you got it good
on the dance floor is where you know you should be
when the beat comes down the bass bouncing people off the ground
I know you got that funky gene (why don’t you show me some)

positive funk genetics
Track Name: Slacker
I’m done I’m through I’ve got nothing that I want to do
but sit and wait here for the world

don’t leave me hanging around
Track Name: Death By Spandex
tighter constricting tighter
the circulation’s slowing down
I don’t know if I’ll make it tonight
I just need to get that feeling back

Poison that ‘80’s Poison
why did you go away
CC can you play one for me
I just need to get that feeling back
Track Name: Glug & Sizzle
we know how to glug & sizzle
oh yeah come on come on
Track Name: Creep Street
down on creep street secret hearts meet dark intentions lie
evil lurking eyes are watching breathe deep the ether
pandemonium try not to succumb hide in the doom room

follow the rabbit down the hole lost inside the maze
speeding up and slowing down watch it all unravel
down the hole lost inside the maze
speeding up and slowing down watch it all unravel

down on creep street swindlers complete acts deceiving eyes
truth dissections opening wounds infection slowing spreading
pandemonium try not to succumb hide in the doom room
Track Name: Fizzy Yum Yum
drink it down
nice and slow
it makes you feel good

make your move
feel the groove
you know you look good

fizzy yum yum

say you will
don’t be chill
you know it feels good

sing it loud
feeling proud
you’re gonna be good

fizzy yum yum
Track Name: Groove Disaster
groove disaster

loud ass pants
you put me in a trance
make me wanna dance to your

groove disaster