Ross Street Volume III

by Stuporhero

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released June 18, 2013

Ross Street Volume III was written and performed by Stuporhero. Recorded at Earth to Emma Studios summer of 2008 through summer of 2009 by Chad Yenney & Will Troy. Mixed by Chad Yenney except "Make Love, Not War" & "Apple & the Worm" mixed by Kevin Suggs. Mastered by Chad Yenney.


all rights reserved



Stuporhero Seattle, Washington

"...songs are loaded with sugar and hooks and they’re kind of undeniable..." - Razorcake

" and good for trampoline bouncing and hip shaking."
- Jackson (fan/preschooler)

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Track Name: Kiss Car
Moving slowly through neighborhoods familiar lights illuminate the night
Stealthily searching strangers who meet on common ground reluctantly

Entering delicate luck voyage
And he’s making his move soon before he’s lost his nerve
Almost weary blow me away

You will shine with me
You might not see me here but I’ll be around
You will shine with me
Don’t look so sad ‘cause I’ll be around

And arrows went through hearts as the same record plays again
Entering delicate luck voyage
Almost weary blow me away
Track Name: Enormous Bitter Paradise
Explode desire out the window in this tireless place
Would you savor memories through the open beauty

Enormous bitter paradise

We sold those in the fall slipped down into sadness haunting desperate persistence
Wake to brightness unusual and empty from what we did
Enormous bitter paradise

He used to think there was room to move in crowded places
Imagine what he did before that picture stole another moment

Enormous bitter paradise
Track Name: Bee Magnet Barbecue
Light the home fires and send the signals high
Appease the weathermen weary with gifts so they may rest
The intoxication of liberty and liquor
Stir the glowing embers awake and feel their heat

And they arrive just in time
Just in time to feed themselves
You can try to run and you can try to hide
Bee magnet barbecue

Play a constant battle of musical chairs
To the buzzing drone that’s hanging in the air
And when the evening colors begin to fade
Let’s raise our cups and toast a new beginning

Through the early morning haze
Of fermented meditations
Rise to meet the sun
And see the remnants of yesterday

And they arrive just in time
Just in time to feed themselves
You can try to run and you can try to hide
Track Name: Make Love, Not War
This is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you
I’m picking up what you’re putting down
Do as I say and not as I do
Great minds think alike
It’s not you it’s me

Grass is always greener on the other side
Why walk when you can run

Two wrongs don’t make a right
Read between the lines
Make love not war

Easy come easy go

That’s my two cents
Ask and you shall receive
But not if I see you first
Track Name: Superjet
Running out, out of everybody
Waiting on one more miracle
All eyes
All eyes are on me

Forget all you can remember
Don’t let victory pass by
What if
It could be today

She tries to hold on
Hold on
He cries so long
So long

Desperate want to know the future
Crystal ball full of yesterday
Clear skies
Might be on the way

Believe lost in the shuffle again
Fifty two pick up where we began
All eyes
All eyes are on me

Goodbye Superjet
Don’t cry Superjet
You know we’ll come again soon
Track Name: Platinum Troopers
Wires crossed a million thoughts exploding the bubble pops
The words appear to come stumbling out all around you

Their heads keep spinning around
And you keep falling down
Add it into the machine

Through the screen the picture’s coming in waves and I’m drowning
Make believe reality’s so disturbing but I’m still watching

Their heads keep spinning around
And you keep falling down
Add it into the machine

Trembling the world’s too heavy to carry and I’m slipping
Wrap your arms tight around me and listen golden evening
Track Name: Fathoms
Under the layers into the deep dark blue
The illusion of you floating serene

Drift away
Imagine still beneath

The immense dream plummeting
Descending to the depths in a silent scream
Lifelines can’t reach through the emptiness
Breathe in the last cold embrace

Drift away
Imagine still beneath
Track Name: Apple & the Worm
Fields of alar coating the skin
Poisoning it’s only to make you feel better

Perfect shiny life under glass
Look beneath it’s rotten right down to the core

Rainbow metallic sky

Airplane shadows fade through the mist
Say goodbye it’s only to make me feel better