Ross Street Volume II

by Stuporhero

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released May 18, 2011

Ross Street Volume II was written and performed by Stuporhero. Recorded at Earth to Emma Studios summer of 2008 through summer of 2009 by Chad Yenney & Will Troy. Mixed by Kevin Suggs except "Mad Boy Shout" mixed by Chad Yenney. Mastered by Chris Hanzsek.


all rights reserved



Stuporhero Seattle, Washington

"...songs are loaded with sugar and hooks and they’re kind of undeniable..." - Razorcake

" and good for trampoline bouncing and hip shaking."
- Jackson (fan/preschooler)

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Track Name: Shout Education
Cognitive dopes all around me
Trying to be the best that they can be
Grasping potential melting reality
Is this really it or is this the bottomless pit

Shout education
Resist the give in to frustration
Tempting you

Shady figures hiding behind white lab coats
Dispensing bottles of hope
Follow the treasure map over the generation gap
X marks the spot where we left it all behind

Track Name: Freaks & Geeks
King of the freak show
That’s where I saw you
Thought that I would
Burst at the seams

Beautiful nerd queen
You make my heart sing
Drown out the stone throws
Slay them with words

What would you do
If I never found you
Where would I be
If you couldn’t see me

We’re just freaks and geeks you see and we like it that way
Track Name: Mad Boy Shout
Poor Rush Hope and his gorgeous aching thought
Imagine the stillness
Beneath his concrete delusion
Mad boy shout

Slow motion elbow grease soaked in reality’s mischief
Stuff it all in a bag full of fun rides
Squandering doohickeys and trinkets
Mad boy shout

Rat-a-tat-tat up
Up in the air
Raffle off those smoke and mirrors
One character at a time
Mad boy shout

Land of the free
Home of the hop skip and a drunk
Your stars and stripes are black all over
Squishy chewy laugh riot all the way to the bank
Mad boy shout

This is it
My everyday clock watching
The path to
Tiddily time
Mad boy shout
Track Name: Junk Universe
Another lost transmission
Another rude awakening
I’m coming in for a crash landing
Amazing systems of motion
They’ve come screeching to a halt
Down in junk universe

Something wrong on the inside
Rummaging through the past
All the misplaced fortune lost
Wanted to for a long time
Hold back hold on
Drive by keep moving along

Stare down blank faces
Face your blank pages
Track Name: Here Comes The Wiz
Hey mama you want fries with that shake
Can you tell me what it’s gonna take
The temperature’s climbin’
And the kids are restless
Gotta find a new game
Gettin’ tired of findin’ someone to blame
Are you ready to roll
Here comes the wiz

The day’s gone up in smoke
School’s just a big joke
Play that mixed tape
With all my favorite songs
Well I wanna believe
You still got something up your sleeve
Are you ready to roll
Well here comes the wiz

They always say you’re no good
You’re just misunderstood
All you wanna find
Is someone to call a friend
But when the heat is on
They won’t be talkin’ smack for long
Are you ready roll
Well here comes the wiz
Track Name: Orange King
I want to believe in you
But your fruit lies rotting on the ground
And I should turn a blind eye
I should forgive you just this one time

Some days are diamonds and you’re on time
The truth lies somewhere between the lines
Try to find a new memory
Are you trying to tune out or have you tuned in

When you stagger along
Don’t tumble down
And I could turn a blind eye
I could forgive you just this one time

Orange king
You’re fading away
Track Name: Castlerock
When you get up too high
It’s harder to come back down
Why does the sun want to blind us
And then sink to the shadows

Is that you holding on
Another lost moment
I won’t let go this time
As hope keeps on slipping away

Let’s stay on top of the world
Where no one can reach us
Let’s stay on top of the world
Track Name: So Long Harmony Song
He took a book down off the shelf
But didn’t recognize the title
Where did it come from
This mystery story
Full of things he didn’t say couldn’t understand
A visiting stranger forgotten lover old friend
All gone now every one
Shivering stars tell another story
You can see why they like it here
In the quiet
Everybody looks good to someone
Heads filled with chances

Where do all these melodies belong
All these words I hear are not my own
Talking voices seem to intertwine
The music’s fading is it in my mind
Track Name: Sunflower
Save a little peace for me
And untie the lines we tow
Keep the past close to secret hearts
Where you can always go
You see just what you want to see
No matter what you know
You see just what you want to see
But you will always know