Ross Street Volume I

by Stuporhero

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released April 13, 2011

Ross Street Volume I was written and performed by Stuporhero. Recorded at Earth to Emma Studios summer of 2008 through summer of 2009 by Chad Yenney & Will Troy. Mixed by Kevin Suggs except "Bebo" & "Pogo With Me" mixed by Chad Yenney. Mastered by Chris Hanzsek.


all rights reserved



Stuporhero Seattle, Washington

"...songs are loaded with sugar and hooks and they’re kind of undeniable..." - Razorcake

" and good for trampoline bouncing and hip shaking."
- Jackson (fan/preschooler)

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Track Name: Electric Kool Aid Lawn Chair Test
Fill the helium balloons
And save a little for me to get high
Up in the air with the rainbow array
Far enough for a getaway

Sipping cherry Kool Aid
My lawn chair rises higher
Sailing through puffed skies
Under the radar net

Electric Kool Aid lawn chair test

Shoot ‘em down one by one
To help me back to earth
Descending toward normal
I hope it doesn’t hurt

Electric Kool Aid lawn chair test
Track Name: Cat Tree
Mean pig eat my coat
Tasty bug drink I’m sure forget about
All this attention
And demand ride toward joy and whoopee TV

Up in the cat tree I can finally see
Just what they see

Ugly cow told him believe
Shout and receive save memories
Leave often these visions near to mine
And run with me
Track Name: Teleport My Mind
You seem light years away
Weaving in and out of asteroids
Riding tails of shooting stars
Life in the cosmos is dangerous

Teleport my mind today
Disintegrate these ordinary thoughts away
I’m trying to reach the stars or at least get away from here
Teleport me back to you

Did you receive my message
Before you floated out of range
Gravity can’t keep us down
We were meant to fly through space

Track Name: You Fell Quick
Always the victim you fell quick
Nobody ever sees the truth of it
Unfortunate stars in your eyes you fell quick
Coming down for the crash and the hardest hit

Sleeping through daylight you fell quick
Dreaming of spaceships to eternity
Sad songs and poetry you fell quick
All those convincible tears washed away

You’ve been tagged
They’ve captured your flag again

Everything comes apart at the seams
Just like you said it would
Each time you begin you can already see the end
And another day’s down for the count
You fell quick
Track Name: Bebo
Up here in the clouds
I’m lost and I’m found
Not coming down to the ground no more
The wind in the trees
I'm listening please
Don’t leave me hanging on the floor

She’s whispering lies
He’s opening eyes
Wipe off that sad face beg for more
Trying to get higher
Live like you’re on fire
Focused isolation where’s the door

Shine on the shadow of the world shine on

Square pegs round holes triangle parts that’s how we fit in

It’s destiny bound
Get your story straight
Imperfect but at least it’s yours
Interesting take
But perilous shake
That nasty habit swim to shore
Track Name: Pogo With Me
Pogo with me can’t you see
I’ve come from far away to feel this way
I’m not gonna give it up no way

Pogo with me this is where
I’m supposed to be at this moment
Free to feel the life surging through me
Looks like it’s time to get movin’

Pogo with me
I want you to believe
Can you tell me what you see

Pogo with me the time has come
To make up your mind and look ‘em in the eye
It’s time to walk on outta here
There isn’t any way around it
Track Name: Cosmic Tightening Of Belts
Gazing at the white hot stars
I can’t be tethered to the pole star no more
Release my electric kite and fly away with kid freedom
It’s the last refuge of the misfit

Cosmic tightening of belts

Everybody has a reason what’s yours

Life is too long to live this way

Welcome to my chemical recess and overstyled amusements
Your clever wit is a menace to my sobriety

Cosmic tightening of belts
Track Name: In The Opening Eye
The world will be wonderful said the alcoholic oracle
Who’s the mother of the sun
Detached we march with madness and try
To forget the past

Frenzied thoughts complicate and turbulent lives unwind
Trembling ready or not the first round’s on the house
Let’s drink together

In the opening eye
(You’re coming ‘round again over to my side)