Lo​-​Fi Lounge Volume II

by Stuporhero

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released March 1, 2009

Lo-Fi Lounge Volume II is a collection of demos recorded by Will Troy at Basement Tape Studios in 2008.


all rights reserved



Stuporhero Seattle, Washington

"...songs are loaded with sugar and hooks and they’re kind of undeniable..." - Razorcake

"...cool and good for trampoline bouncing and hip shaking."
- Jackson (fan/preschooler)

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Track Name: Hollow Man
See right through
Words spilling out and the spiral continues
Stumbling on the trail's disappearing

Your disguise is unraveling before your eyes
Hollow man this is goodbye

Open arms
Catch the mutation the blood keeps on draining
Moments are changing as quickly as breathing

Your disguise is unraveling before your eyes
Hollow man why did you have to say goodbye
Track Name: Paranoid People
Paranoid people

Paranoid people find just what they’re looking for
Whether it’s real or imaginary
Hidden in masks hiding behind locked doors

Paranoid people

Paranoid people gathering troops for battle
Parade through the streets looking for brand new reasons
Flags that they’re waving have a new meaning now
Track Name: Marshmallow Bunnies
Coffee people wrapped in the Sunday funnies
Smoke and mirrors hash baked brownie mix

Secreting bile over turbulent trials

Mushroom jazz beats unwind around blue cows
Rabid babies screaming for marshmallow bunnies
Track Name: Gumball
Speechless lust and nervous ticks
And sugar fuzz pop fits
I'm acting out again
Percolating tops
Brimming with so many bright ideas
And I can’t keep quiet for long

I wanna be here with you
Track Name: Cosmodrome
Contests of brutal strength
Dead man comet come to obliterate
Everyone who stands inside the cosmodrome

Scattered chards of glass explode
Reflected memories all alone
To everyone who stands inside the cosmodrome
Track Name: Into The Fall
Whirl around and fall into a dizzy heap
Let the sky spin around and the clouds repeat
The leaves are piling high over frozen ground
Orange October moon crisp days darkening

Into the fall
Track Name: Numbing Effect
Let’s blow up the world
Who says hell isn’t up instead of down
I’ve been wondering and wandering
Good night bombardier you’re fading fast

I don’t wanna live in the past
In slow motion a mixed and splattered bag
Don’t listen to their synthetic sympathies
The neutron driver of their new blood generation

Memory chopping block
Hidden chambers lost and found
There are no miracles to receive
Just idols in their golden casks

Track Name: Tonics & Mixers
Instrumental demo from the album Weightless.
Track Name: Crumblina
Are you invincible?
Did apply the miracle salve
Retire to blessed bedlam
And pray for quick resolve

Layers peel away
To expose
What’s crumbling below
Reality’s sinking in

Under revival tents
Witch doctors dressed in suits
Searching for new miracles
Waiting for a new savior

Track Name: Ghost Town
Ghost town
Full of the walking dead
Ghost town
They’re rising from the grave
Ghost town
Better not go out at night
Ghost town
They’ll give you such a fright

Ghost town
Enter at your own risk
Ghost town
Even black cats stay away
Ghost town
The dead don’t make a sound
Ghost town
Better get out while you can
Track Name: Silly Putty
She pulls him into a thousand different directions
Working over only to smash him out of shape again

Stretched out thin to begin he’s coming unglued
Face contorted I can’t tell emotions apart

He curls himself into a ball and tries to roll away
Poses sculpted easily moved by a pull of a string

Track Name: Spaztastic
Strut around in your dynamite trousers
Set off alarms and send the crowds running

Fill the air with spinning word captions that come alive
Let the moment take control feel the body heat start to flow

Turn up the radio let’s all sing along
Go with the flow you can’t say no
All traffic lights say go
Track Name: Suki, Rock -n- Roll Kitty
You’ll scratch and claw at them tonight
Out in the alley it’s all right
Fight them with laser beams
At least in cat nip dreams

Suki, Suki, rock and roll kitty

I heard your scream and your growl
Twist and shout and yell
Gotta get out on the floor
Gonna chase you ‘round some more

You gotta feed that rockin’ sound
Built for speed knockin’ around
I know it’s movin’ fast
You’ll never come in last


Got the Kung Fu moves
Righteous rockin’ grooves
On the prowl at night
You know you’re outta sight

The power’s up all systems go
Let’s blast off and start the show
You let the feelin’ out
Time for the kids to shout

Track Name: Clean With Soap
Spinning around and then falling down
The clouds perform one last time and then bow
A note that I wrote on an eyelid inside
I remember a dream and it starts to unwind
Like a silent movie reel
I’m not sure just how to feel
As I watch it go by
But I’m glad you’re by my side
So let’s stumble on

Random blue sails sometimes appear
They wait for a wind and then turn and leave
Waves touch the shore and then they recede
Sometimes they act just like you and I
And everyone in this great big world
Trying to figure out where to go
Let’s forget and just watch the show
Sit by me and then we’ll know

Clean with soap