Last Star Shining

by Stuporhero

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released August 1, 2007

Last Star Shining was written and performed by Stuporhero. Recorded by Chad Yenney at Earth to Emma Studios summer 2006/Additional recording by Will Troy at Basement Tape Studios/Mastered by John Golden/Artwork & Design by Vladimir Verano/Songs performed by Jen Garrett, Will Troy, & Chuckles


all rights reserved



Stuporhero Seattle, Washington

"...songs are loaded with sugar and hooks and they’re kind of undeniable..." - Razorcake

" and good for trampoline bouncing and hip shaking."
- Jackson (fan/preschooler)

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Track Name: Flying Discs
out came the flying discs performing aerial tricks
believe what you want but believe your own eyes
the people stopped in their tracks
their feet melt like candle wax

already my mind's a blur how long has it been
I don't wanna go with them
I don't wanna leave this roller coaster ride
'cause it's all that I have
Track Name: Superball
don't throw it too hard
don't throw it too far
you'll be chasing it down for hours

superball bouncing away
well I'd rather stay
superball bouncing up high
I'm waving goodbye

looks like you've found
you're lost and nobody's around
I think I saw that superball bouncing again
Track Name: Last Star Shining
well it's late and I need to get home
but the lights speaking in Morse code
try to say they don't want me to go

now this storm's trying keep me away
my heart beats in a rhythmic display
can't you see this may be my last ride
and the end is creeping up trying to find

the last star shining down
and the lights are trying to turn the night around
and all those slumbering days finally open their sleepy eyes
to see if they can find the last star shining

as I speed down these dark icy streets
I prepare all my well thought retreats
and the time keeps on slipping away

in my mind all these thoughts swirling 'round
and the sky lays it's darkening shroud
but I hear your voice whispering
and the end will have to wait and see
Track Name: 5 O'Clock Mad Dash
5 o'clock mad dash into the maelstrom the robots smash
the feeding frenzy continues all night
liquid concoctions of dynamite

explodes the collective heart
divides us each into seperate parts
each night we pick up the pieces again

5 o'clock mad dash
Track Name: The Amazing Death-Defying Yo-Yo Stunts
split the atom and shoot the moon
try this brain twister and see what you can do
around the corner or around the world
let's hop the fence don't look over the shoulder
the gravity pull I can't break away
but through the tunnel I outrun the tidal wave
with the sleeper and the rattlesnake
I drop down the wormhole where I know I can escape

roller coaster and the loop the loop
doubel or nothing I bet you can't do two
let's rewind let's raise the flag
that runaway dog was once all I had
the ripcord pull sends me into warp drive
on my motorcycle trapeze ride
and on the world tour as I go mach 5
I woner when the UFO will arrive
Track Name: Vantage Point
take a picture of me and who I wanted to be
if it blurs it's alright 'cause we keep changin' anyway
in crystal eyes I confide but cannot hide
they say a picture never lies

I feel so normal it's making me sick
found my guts spilled all over the place
let's open up the windows and let in the rain
drive away and don't look back
I don't wanna remember us this way

take a picture of you and all you wanted to do
thousand phony smiles and every secret that you knew
and on the side of the road at the vantage point
those pictures always disappoint
Track Name: 21 Beer Salute
21 beer salute and the shots went throught the roof
and we all fell down and found we were all the same
traveling on this lonely train
but will you remember me
or was it just not meant to be
Track Name: Solarium
here inside the sun penetrates the glass
and I don't wanna be the last one to see it arrive
feel the heat a ghostly friend's warm embrace
and when it's done burn it away and send it to sleep

I feel right at home
under the looking glass
where I can be kept warrm
and safe from the outside

what if the sun doesn't shine today
and the devil brings the night for me
to drink and to dream of the sun

oh solarium
Track Name: Chasing Fireflies
take my heart 'cause I've already died somewhere deep inside
open up that box of old cassettes see how we used to sound

let's find a place where we can hide
all reminders left behind
fly with me into the sun
plenty of warmth for everyone
always chasing fireflies

dance with skeletons in fields where soon we'll lie keep open just one eye
your lips are trembling and it's so hard to say words they don't wanna hear
Track Name: Lobotomy Hill
if you could only see me now at the top of lobotomy hill
do you know what I'm thinking now they say that I'll finally be well
if you could only see what I've seen from the top of lobotomy hill
and I think that I'll stay 'cause I want to lobotomy hill
Track Name: Deathbot
he wants to be just like you and me
but he destroys all that he loves
deep in his brain commands the terror reign
is there a way to stop it someday
he can't help himself from acting this way

can deathbot be saved
will deathbot really change
I hope he's ok and that he makes it someday
oh deathbot is there a way

a brand new rewire electric pulsing desire
he races to show them how he has changed
but the crowd didn't hear so when he appeared
the trap they set sprung and captured him there
now he's rusting away in disrepair

a dying spark in his eye
I wish I could go back
and make things right

deathbot couldn't be saved
deathbot was too late to change
and now that he's gone we know we were wrong
oh deathbot you'll always live on
Track Name: Midnight Creatures
expert fun maker dance floor back breaker

I need some I need some I need some I need some
energy electricity

misfit believer daydream conceiver

I need some I need some I need some I need some
energy electricity

pick me up draw the life from the pool
x-ray eyes can see right through you
heart beating quick with a blinding pulse
the midnight creatures are all out
and I want I want to join them
Track Name: Prisoners Of War
praise be the lord of plagues
sending all the ships to war
and through the radiation clouds
flashing jet engines in a sonic shroud

let's draw straws and see
the chemical levels seem right to me
and up in the captain's lounge
they don't even know where to begin
they keep leading us down
and the feeling is sinking in
while the horizon's on fire
there's nowhere left to escape

yes sir may I have another
drop and roll and run for cover
Track Name: Punk Like You
I don't wanna be punk like you
I don't wanna be punk like you
you can't tell me who I'm supposed to be
it can only come from inside me
punk like you