It Would Be Nice To Wake Up

by Stuporhero

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released May 1, 2006

Recorded by Chad Yenney at Earth to Emma Studios, July & August '05
Mastered by John Golden
Artwork & Design by Vladimir Verano
Songs performed by Jen Garrett, Will Troy, & Chuckles


all rights reserved



Stuporhero Seattle, Washington

"...songs are loaded with sugar and hooks and they’re kind of undeniable..." - Razorcake

" and good for trampoline bouncing and hip shaking."
- Jackson (fan/preschooler)

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Track Name: Cherry Blossom Cool
Dreaming satellites she wakes paralyzed
Transmission burning tattoos on her eyes

My head is spinning into something new
It's ok it's cherry blossom cool

Outside your window it's all passing you by
Towering infernos tiny fireflies
Track Name: Little Dipper
I see you hidden up in the sky
(When she wakes up in the morning the longing makes the heartache hard to bear)
Among the bright lights and blank stares
(She goes to sleep alone with her thoughts and shadows on the wall)

My eyes are playing tricks on me
One second you're gone the next you reappear

The night is filled with mechanical eyes
(He wakes up in the morning and wipes the sadness from his eyes)
There's nowhere for you to run you'll have to face your fears
(He puts his thoughts to sleep tomorrow's another day to live through)
Track Name: Bill The Bookworm
meet me at the science fair tonight I’m always coming in last
attack of giant spiders and ants reverberations fly past
I’ve got a rocket that goes to the moon I want to get there soon

and peel away this disease
fill myself on the fruit
that’s falling down from the trees
let’s stuff ourselves in a bottle
and throw it out to sea
and if we make it back
memorize you and me

bill the bookworm had a great fall he can’t remember his name
he saw it all in a crystal ball it ended up all the same
I went back in a time machine to see what I could see
Track Name: Get High School
what did you learn today
what did your teacher say
are we going out tonight
I could be home watching Price Is Right

my stomach's feeling sour
I'm getting sicker by the hour
floating high above the class
probably end up pumping gas

get high get high school
I wanna come down
but I think that I'll have to stay

be good and go to class
do exactly as they ask
never question what you're told
get on the bus next stop grow old

what did you learn today
what did that teacher say
have you begun to see the light
will you ever get it right
Track Name: My Generic Fight Song
turn me on me I'm beginning to to think I'm my own worst enemy
my glass is half full or is it half empty I never can tell
I'm marching in time behind all these assholes who just cut in line
I need to figure this out but no one can tell me what it's all about

fight fight how will I know if I'm winning I can't see the finish line
fight fight don't let them run you down don't get used to giving in
fight fight everyone's heading for home they left you standing there
fight fight how will I know if I'm winning

am I stuck here or maybe I'm just paralyzed by fear
you're just like me thinking about all the things that could be
this line's getting long perhaps we should get out and just move along
are you ready for me I've decided to throw my own coming out party
Track Name: Zombies On Parade
Come on man I can't explain it
They just appeared and now they want to make me one of them
But I don't wanna go

Zombies on parade
Can't you see it's fun to be undead
Never have to feel again

Bam bam bam nothing stops them
I don't know why they want to do the things they do
But I won't let 'em change me
Track Name: Wicked & Me
promise not to laugh just lay right here while they give us the gas
don't drink with the devil around many disappear and never are found
now baby don't change the rules I wanna get back and show all those fools
I did what they said followed their plan
when I wake up tomorrow I'll be a new man

I wanna be wicked and me so don't make a sound
but all that you see is the wicked in me hangin' around

so you think you're doin' fine just don't go to sleep don't change your mind
and don't be afraid you'll wind up cryin' over the mess you've made
and don't call my name I can't stand by while you're losin' the game
do what they say follow their plan
if you wake up tomorrow hope you understand
Track Name: Spaceroom
here in the spaceroom the lights are low
cigarette tips and alcohol glow
some eyes twinkle innocence intact
some are black holes where no one comes back
here in the spaceroom I sit by your side
the rest of world goes floating by
last that I heard as she floated away
I was alone she was gone with no trace

can you hear me from up here in the spaceroom
(I'm trying to reach you my dear)
Track Name: Catatonic On Ice
well it sure feels nice catatonic on ice
so I mixed us a drink and then started to think
it'd be nice to wake up just let me finish my cup
when I looked in the mirror the cracks began to appear

I started to run but got weak in the knees
I was hypnotized by a swarm of killer bees

well it sure feels nice catatonic on ice
nothing's left for today now I'm floating away
all the whispers I heard were those secretive words
and I hope it was you that I heard
and I hope it was you that I heard
Track Name: Marshmallow
out on the dance floor the kids can feel the groove
you got the jimmy legs baby you gotta move

you know it's sticky sweet
knock you off of your feet

I can feel this thing deep inside of me
swallow that butterfly swallow that bee
Track Name: Gumdrops & Crosstops
cocaine sugar pop
fuzzed out astronaut
doll eyes snow cone
burn out skull and bones
brainwash petrified
hot lunch formaldehyde
buzzbomb lip gloss
gumdrops and crosstops

I feel it burn
I think I'm happy again
Track Name: Show Me Yours
I've been waiting for you for a long time
be my sound powered life buoy ring

show me yours I'll show you mine
I wanna give in I wanna be by your side
show me yours I'll show you mine
I wanna give in baby you got me tounge-tied

I've been holding myself up for so long
it seems like tomorrow keeps coming forever

come over here baby
I've got something to show ya
I don't want to be a random girl anymore
Track Name: Can't Take My Rock-n-Roll Away
tired of living underground
while armies march to their droning sound
so many get left behind they just can't block it out
they'll find a way to steal your soul

can't take my rock-n-roll away no matter what they say
can't take my rock-n-roll away

it's spreading quick like a disease
there's warning signs but no one believes
they just go through life in a daze following everyone else
I hope that you can make it out
Track Name: Waste Away
I can't stand every day
finding ways to waste away
finding ways to waste away all day
get out of bed (waste away)
go to work (waste away)
go to the bar (waste away)
sleep all day (waste away)
waste away
Track Name: Wandering
aeroplane glue
gum stuck to my shoe
carnival show ride
greasy bar room dive


smoking cigarettes
demons stealing breath
horror movies
punk rock zombies


late night speakeasy
beer soaked revelry
wandering through the streets
stop rewind repeat